Ngambela Sinyinda still in detention, 30 activists released

Ngambela Sinyinda still in detention, 30 activists released

Students paraded at State House

Students paraded at State House

The PF regime on Friday freed some of the 84 Barotse activists it arrested indiscriminately for celebrating the swearing-in of Afumba Mombotwa as Administrator-General.

They are charged with treason and are now appearing in a Lusaka magistrate.

About 30 victims were freed when incompetent DPP Mutembo Nchito directed that a Nolle Prosequi- do not prosecute (the only thing he seems able to use) be entered in favour of the detainees.

But former Bartoseland prime minister (Ng’ambela) Clement Sinyinda was not among the activists released.

Sinyinda was arrested for chairing a meeting that endorsed the secession of Barotseland from Zambia.

Meanwhile, while his relatives were being persecuted by the PF regime Sinjembela Member of Parliament Njeulu Poniso was busy showing love to Sata.

Poniso, a suspended UPND MP forced pupils from one of the secondary school to go and meet Sata at State House for no particular purpose.

The sad looking students were later paraded on ZNBC and other government platforms.

Some of the pupils Poniso’s abused for his political purposes and to show his relevance to the PF were more concerned about their relatives detained in Lusaka just for expressing divergent political opinions.

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