Nakachinda survives lynching, hides in toilet

Nakachinda survives lynching, hides in toilet

Nominated PF Member of Parliament and former National Secretary of the Felix Mutati led MMD Raphael Nakachinda yesterday survived lynching from MMD Youths at Findeco House.

Mr Nakachinda who was a guest on Millennium Radio on a special paid for program said the MMD had no President and that he was the leader of the Party.

This did not go well with the MMD, and other youths who quickly mobilized and followed him to Findeco House

Unknown to Mr Nakachinda, the angry youths were preparing to teach him a lesson and as he was exiting the building after his interview, and walking towards his vehicle, the emotionally charged youths confronted him chanting “waya sana Nakachinda” .

When Mr Nakachinda and some of his security guys noticed the MMD youths, his guards were the first to run as he was almost left alone. As the youths asked him why he had continued selling and insulting the party leadership for cheap political survival, the clearly frightened and shaken nominated Member of Parliament U-turned and run back into Findeco House and hid in one of the toilets.

Some of the Youths was heard saying enough is enough and that the next time they caught up with him, they would lynch him

Raphael Nakachinda was on radio where he has continued disparaging High Court Judge Sharon Newa’s November 5th Court ruling which declared that Dr. Nevers Mumba the legitimate President of the MMD.

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