Muvi TV fires five journalists for attending ZNBC interviews

Dear Editor,

Dont disclose my identity.
I’m one of the five MUVI TV journalists who have been fired this morning for having attended interviews at ZNBC on Friday last week and Monday this week.
Instead of MUVI TV management sorting out our petition on low salaries which we gave them as newsroom staff a few weeks ago, Costa Mwansa in his usual arrogance has decided to dismiss us.

We are tired of being paid peanuts, we went for interviews to seek better working conditions but management has decided to dismiss us without benefits despite us having worked here for many years.

MUVI TV is crambling bit by bit, people are leaving, by the time Steve Nyirenda realises that Costa Mwansa and Mabvuto Phiri are destroying the company, it will be too late. Who can afford to lose 8 formidable reporters within 7 months? Only MUVI TV can.

The five of us who have been fired this morning are Delphister Lungu, Chris Habeenzu, In’utu Mwanza, Pennipher Sikainda and Bangwe Navilley.

You may wish to know that this is not the first dismissal we have had, when we petitioned management over low salaries a few weeks ago, the whole newsroom was fired but later re-instated on the same day to avoid the story leaking to other media institutions.

Twachula pafula, we want change in private media. We urge government to force private media institutions to open unions to stop this nonsense. Labour office please move in.

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