Mulungushi University management abusing students

Government must take a keen interest in the way Mulungushi University is running its affairs. The University is frustrating the efforts by the Government to educate its citizens. Currently, the University has deregistered over 1, 000 students from its system for failure to pay 50 percent of the tuitions fees and what is painful is that most of the students that have been sent home have paid close to 30 percent and yet management wants the students to pay 50 percent of the tuition fees for them to be allowed to attend classes. This is worrying especially that the man who is spearheading this agenda is a foreigner from Ethiopia. An Ethiopian lecturer does not allow excuses from students until the 50 percent is paid.

Mulungushi University is running a Campus at Zamcom and the students too in Lusaka have not been spared. No one is attending classes because the University has refused to compromise. It is interesting that while the University wants students to pay K 4, 250 for a student to attend classes, they are failing to provide basic things like tissue, toilets are dirty and we do not have Wi- Fi and many other things. The Library has books from the Industrial Revolution (19th Century). The Library too is dirty. The students have not refused to pay money as there is nothing for free these days but to stop them from attending classes on account that one has failed to settle 50 percent is evil and why should students who have paid more than 30 percent be denied an opportunity to attend class. The 50 percent is too much, the University must seriously consider lowering this figure to about 30 percent. There is no money in circulation. We are all struggling. Things are really tough in this country. The Ministry of Higher Education must look at these issues, the youths, who are mostly students are frustrated.

In all this, Mulungushi University is de- marketing itself to prospective students. No parent would send their students to a University which is not friendly when it comes to tuition fees.

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