MTN accused of making fake credit report


Ba Zambian watchdog please help me out with exposing MTN, I went to get a loan from izwe just to find that my NRC number was reported to CRB as someone owing them money under Momo loans, under some ones names a male I don’t know and never heard of. I contacted them and they said those mistakes are made by CRB I called CRB and they said it’s MTN who sent those details I called them again they pointed me to kasaka loans who responded saying it was MTN I then called them they sent me an email were to write them to they never responded so I contacted them through their official MTN Facebook page in Zambia threatened to sue them while I sent the screen shots of my CRB report that’s when they gave me a call saying a should get an affidavit and a police report with my front and back image of my NRC I I did it’s been three months and they have been giving me story after story with my CRB uncleared. At this point my NRC number has been blacklisted from getting any loan whatsoever not even yapa phone and they don’t want to take responsibility. Please if there is a way I can sue for this inconvenience help me

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