MP tears Sata’s ‘disgusting’ speech to Parliament

MP tears Sata’s ‘disgusting’ speech to Parliament

Michael Kaingu

Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) vice president Michael Kaingu on Tuesday tore President Michael Sata’s opening speech to the House because it did not address serious issues.

Kaingu who was the first MP to debate President Sata’s speech during the official opening of the House last Friday tore the copy of the speech and laid it on the table.

The MP who is a former cabinet minister in the MMD government said he was disgusted with the speech saying  Sata did not address serious issues.

This attracted reactions from Ministers and PF MPs.

PF members of Parliament shouted that the MP had disregarded presidential powers by tearing the President’s speech.

Deputy Chairperson of Committees Chifumu Banda ordered Mr Kaingu to leave the house saying that his action would be referred to the standing orders committee for determination.

“It is inappropriate for the member to tear the speech. What he should have done was to express his views in the rightful manner,” he said.

Mr Banda also warned members against such behavior saying anyone who would repeat the action would be ejected from the House.

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