MP Kangombe urges action on PF judges


Hon Romeo Kangombe writes:
We still have magistrates and Judges who openly say they will never jail a PF member.

We had almost the entire system that never wanted the President to be closer to the corridors of power.

We have the same Judiciary which dribbled us in 2016 and expect it to be impartial. Its like expecting Satan to Repent.

God doesnt Help those who do not help themselves.

The Zambian people will never be mad with us for acting accordingly becuase thats what they wanted and expected from the one go, clean and clean the system.
We changed Presidency, Cabinet, PSs and DCs.
The entire rank and file is one that is totally soiled in corruption and can’t be trusted to help in the cause.
We talk to the ground on a daily basis, their sentiments are indefensible.

We are core leaders in this and we need to complement each other.
The insulation around Presidency is unfortunately going to cost all of us.
I’m still traumatized by some events in the past and I have never used emotions in my precisions.
This isn’t for HE to act alone, many appointees have the power, in a smart way do the needful.
Some of us do not want any appointment but be of service through the existing Previleges we have and as such, I will not be shy to speak and offer my village advise.

That walk of shame by the President is unacceptable and should have been avoided.
You can’t subject the Presidency to such kind of treatment noooo.

Where are the Intelligence Appointees and agencies?
Are they with You Sir?

Trust your soldiers who have been with you on the battlefields.

We speak with the less privileged ones, we speak with the true Zambians who are suffering. Their expectations could have been achieve the Ruto way.

Act and act now.


  1. Ba Kangombe, be careful. This kind of thinking is off the mark. The President did well to be campaigning while the court processes were going on. He was obeying the law and when the courts decided otherwise, it is no walk of shame for the President to come back. For some people it is, but for others it is absolutely not. It depends on one’s understanding of things. A good President is one who is going to obey the law and not one who ignores it. We should not back to the days when a president could abhorrently disregard the law by failing to hand over power when there was a petition regarding the election of the President. The present constitution has a lot of lacunae and it is good that some of the things are coming out. To a lay person like me the Electoral Commission of Zambia erred when in 2021, they allowed even independent candidates to ” withdraw” or resign from elections. UPND should not fall into this trap of “PF Judges”. PF found those judges and they left them. A good political party should focus on doing the right thing. After all some judges tried to force somebody on Zambians and Zambians said no. In the end it is not the judges we care about, it is decency and following the law. Apart from what is happening in the courts there are things that some of us are looking at. The peaceful atmosphere, people campaigning freely. Things that were impossible a few months ago. For me it is this bigger picture that will inform my decision in 2026, not whether some unscrupulous element wins an election in Kabushi.

    • @ MUTOLO CHIPUMPA: well written and good advice, The Youngman is using emotions, not looking at the bigger picture. Such writings are what mislead our presidents. Not all Presidents have been bad, but it starts with such a mindset that because the President Went to campaign, a hold on the By-election is an embarrassment to the President.
      Zambians should learn to be factual than be driven by wrong selfish emotions. Youngman Kan’gombe, I am UPND myself but your write-up is out of touch. Stop such thinking and let us concentrate on Service delivery to the people.

  2. For Hon. Kangombe’s own information, these judges we have today, unlike himself, have been trained at great cost to the country and have been in service for many years. Some have even been there before PF came into power. They are in the employ of the state and not of a particular political party. It is warped thinking to suggest judges should be in the employ of a party in government.

  3. What kind of law-maker is this who never wants the executive to be held accountable by the judiciary and the legislature? Is Zambia not a modern constitutional democratic state anchored on the principle of checks and balances where each of the three arms of government of the executive, legislature and judiciary have specific functions to perform but hold each other in check through the countervailing power of one on the others? Is this the first time in the history of Zambia that the judiciary has been able to rule against the executive? Was the judiciary not able to rule against the executive under Kaunda’s UNIP, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda’s MMD, Sata and ECL’s PF? What is so special about HH’s UPND that when the executive in government fails to observe clearly laid down constitutional limits, as is the case with its apparent meddling in the affairs of the ECZ, the executive’s powers cannot be challenged by the judiciary? Is MP Kangombe in his rights senses to think the judiciary should always rule in favour of the executive regardless of the merits and demerits of any case before them? Is he in his right senses to suggest replacing serving judges with those that are beholden to the UPND? What country does Kangombe wish to have that has government filled with people loyal to the UPND and predominantly hailing from the Western, Southern, Central and Northwestern Provinces? How does Kangombe expect people who are not UPND and hail from other provinces of Zambia to feel? Can there be unity of purpose in Zambia this way? As late South African leader Nelson Mandela said, Africa’s political conflicts and instabilities are a result of having people lacking in political talent being at their countries’ helm. Zambia deserves better than having political leaders of Hon. Kangombe’s caliber!

  4. They are not PF judges. The Judges are employed by Government of Zambia and not PF. Your altitude is totally misplaced.
    Let the Judges do the right thing for the country.

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