More security personnel flood Barotseland

 The number of security personnel in Barotseland has continued to be on the increase with several police officers flooding Mongu Sports stadium turning it into a camp.
This follows recent reports alleging that the Litunga was ready to sound ‘war drums’ to declare war against the government of Zambia following the door-to-door hunting and arrest of some Barotse activists who allegedly tore 113 copies of the first draft constitution valued at about K650, 000.
A check Thursday morning at the main sports arena found trucks parked within the premises and several tents erected behind and besides the stand with some officers sleeping inside and outside the structure while playing loud music.
Meanwhile, the current status has continued raise suspicious and great concern among the local people in the area which is enjoying peace at the moment.
Some months ago officers from the Zambia army were seen conducting daylight trainings in the busy streets of Mongu claiming it was one of their routine programme.
And early last year after the Mongu fracas in which the police aimlessly opened fire at unarmed residents, some 30 girls in Limulunga royal village were reported to have been allegedly impregnated by officers who camped at Limulunga Day Secondary School premises.
However, the Barotse Royal Establishment has continued to employ mind oriented strategies towards achieving a complete self-determination goal.
Meanwhile, observations show that the forthcoming October 24 Zambia independence celebrations may be boycotted by many Lozis in the area due to the current happenings around the Barotseland agreement 1964.

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