M’membe, Kabimba set up parallel PF secretariat, Lungu maybe removed

M’membe, Kabimba set up parallel PF secretariat, Lungu maybe removed

While most PF members are heart broken with the death of their leader, the Fred M’membe led cartel is is working and moving very fast in all directions.

Former Secretary general Wynter Kabimba is back into limelight and is running a parallel PF secretariat that has been set up.

Among the many ideas on the table is to rush the draft constitution and make sure it is enacted so that the by-election is held under the new law. In that Case Scott will be eligible to stand.

A number of senior ministers and people opposed to the Cartel rule may find themselves charged with various offences or brought before tribunals just to intimidate them.

A senior member of the PF has disclosed that a scheme has been hatched where Scott as Acting PF president and Inonge Wina the party national chairperson will make some ‘administrative changes’ to the party and possibly remove Edgar Lungu from the position of party Secretary general.

“While he (Scott) cannot make changes to cabinet or other appointments, the constitution does not stop him from making changes to party positions. Inonge and Scott intend to sideline Edgar and are scheming to bring back Kabimba claiming that he is a good organizer who won the party the 2011 general elections,” said the source.

Scott is also the acting president of PF.

The source further added that Sata’s burial is likely to be sped up so that a snap election can be called as a way of catching the opposition unawares.

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