Mmembe and Wynter win the PF battle for now

As predicted in our analysis President Sata yesterday saved PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba from the jaws of hungry pro-GBM supporters in the central committee. This simply means confusion continues for now and national development continues to suffer.

Sata fears Fred Mmembe and the cartel. The reason is simple. Fred Mmembe has a lot of information against Sata.
Sata is a thug and has a very crude background that Fred Mmembe knows very well and it is very easy for him to be blackmailed.

Wynter had no numbers in the central committee and his survival depended on Sata.

Sata used his absolute power to curtail any debate about Wynter. A lot of people called us names when we said Sata has been taken hostage by people outside his own party.

Sata has never been decisive the entire of his life. We do not want Kabimba to be chased but we want Sata to tell us which team he is supporting. A normal leader cannot be on the fence.

You cannot say I support Arsenal and Manchester United when the two teams are playing against each other.

Sata and Wynter know something between themselves that most of us do not know but it has something to do with evil.

Fred Mmembe does not want to pay the K14 billion plus that he owes the government.

He has to rely on Wynter to keep on holding on to Judge Chikopa so that the Supreme court does not hear the petition for Fred and Mutembo to pay K14 billion.

Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito know that Sata is dull. They can toss him to and from. In Bemba they say “Kushinga Bata” Sata is not ruling this country. For those who voted for Sata sorry, you voted for a proxy. He is not the President.

The President is Fred Mmembe. Sata does not even know how to construct a sentence. For those who have seen or heard him read, you can tell that he doers not even know what he is reading. Fred Mmembe writes for him and gives to George Chella to print.

We would not be surprised to hear that The Post Newspapers has copies of State house Letterhead. May be it is even the Post that Prints.

The pro-GBM team also did not plan very well. We are not surprised because they were not using brains to think.

They were using tribe and numbers but the Chief Confusion Strategist Michael Chilufya Sata new they were not prepared.

We have said this before in an article “Sata in a fix” Wynter and Sata signed a pact and so the PF central committee will seat minus CEO”

As long as Zambian Presidents listen to Fred Mmembe and his group, Zambia will never ever see both economic and political development. Fred and Mutembo Nchito are sadists. They need serious overnight prayers.

For now fasten your seat belts and enjoy the flight. Destinatio: national polarisation, courtesy of ailing dictator.

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