MMD will give Sata chance this year – Siliya

The MMD is not just an opposition Party, but is a an immediate past Party in Government. As such we don’t have the privilege to act irresponsible at any time, just because we are now in opposition.

As the MMD, we must endeavour to do everything possible to maintain dialogue with the leadership in Government. This belief is based on our very foundation as the mother Party to the return of multiple party politics in Zambia in 1991 and a Party in Government for 20 years. In a democratic dispensation, the political space is the battle ground for ideas, ideas which we all believe offer the best way to enhance the living standards of our people.

As MMD, we believe that in order to improve the lives of Zambians, fundamentals such as adequate food, decent and affordable housing, decent schools and health centres and decent jobs must continue to be our focus, especially after 49 years of self rule. We believe that it’s even more critical now that we engage the PF leadership and remind them of the supreme responsibility of focussing on Zambians and their promises last elections, instead of just focussing on the PF Party wrangles.

It’s why we have been consistent even when we were in Government that national events must be celebrated by all Zambians. Obviously we reserve the right to boycott such events, as we did last year, whenever we feel that the Government is not heeding to the peoples wishes. As one wise fellow once said there may be a time when we feel powerless to prevent injustice but let never be there a time when we fail to protest.

This year, we will give the President the benefit of doubt and heed his call for unity. We will watch closely and see how the PF leadership translates this call in to tangible unity among citizens and various political players. We will not be accused of being unpatriotic but we will also not be accused of doing nothing if things continue to go wrong such as abuse of the Judiciary, the Constitution, the Parliament, the Budget and the Public Order Act.  We will protest against these abuses and boycott the leadership in Government at national events if dialogue continues to fail.

We believe the ball is in the court of the PF led Government to show mature leadership now.

Dora Silya
MMD Spokesperson
24 October 2013

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