MMD accused of promoting jungle law

By Ernest Mwape in Mpika-Ministers in the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) are promoting jungle justice by fighting with ordinary citizens because they want to cling onto power, a church leader has observed.

Father Joseph Besa alleged that ministers in the ruling MMD have resorted to fighting ordinary persons because they have run out of ideas and they are now desperately trying to instil sense of fear into them so that they continue ruling the country with an iron fist.

He said this when he delivered a sermon during the celebration of Assumption of Mary at Icengelo Catholic Church in Mpika .

In an apparent reference to Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice – President Ganston Sichilima who exchanged punches with a UNIP cadre at the Serenje – Tuta road T – Junction last week, the Priest said it was morally wrong for leaders to fight the citizens they lead.

He said for the ruling MMD to start agitating for violence it was a clear testimony that the party had lost direction.

He said as Catholics they would continue condemning all forms of oppressions in totality as this was against the Bible teachings based on love.

He reminded his audience that the Catholic Church would always preach against all forms of injustices and violence to defend the voiceless in the society.

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