Meet Mwangala Zaloumis, new ECZ boss


Meet Frances Mwangala Zaloumis the new ECZ Chairperson
Ms. Mwangala Zalomis is no stranger to the Zambian public. Keen followers of Zambian politics will attest to the fact that Madam Zaloumis has for the longest time been associated with legal reform and the jurisprudential evolution of the country, Her recent appointment as Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has however been received with mixed reactions with some opposition members questioning her qualification and suitability to lead the electoral body. However, political pundits, have praised President Hakainde Hichilema for selecting Ms. Zaloumis as the first female Chairperson of the Commission.
In a statement issued Wednesday evening, President Hichilema announced the appointment of Ms. Zaloumis, Mr. Ali Simwinga and Mr. Macdonald Chipenzi as Commissioners of the Electoral Commission of Zambia.
Who then is Frances Mwangala Zaloumis?
Admitted to the Zambian Bar in December, 1990, as an Advocate of the High Court, Ms. Zaloumis has had an illustrious legal career spanning over 32 years. Her demeanor and experience at the Bar qualifies her to be a Judge of the Supreme Court, the Highest Court in the land. With a strong background in electoral processes and Constitutional law, the Electoral body would never have been in any safer pair of hands.
As a Legal Practitioner, Ms. Zaloumis has a strong background in Electoral process and Constitutional Making Process, Civil Liberties, Commercial and Legal Instruments, Liquidations and Receivership, Contract Negotiation, Research, Company Secretarial Duties, Human Resource Administration, Contract and Project Procurement and Implementation. Between 2003 and 2005, Ms. Zaloumis was chairperson of the Electoral Reform Technical Committee that proposed sweeping amendments to the electoral reform to ensure free and fair elections in Zambia. Some of the recommended by the ERTC included that Zambia adopts a majoritarian system of electing a President where candidate achieves 50% + 1 vote in order to win an election. The Zaloumis ERTC also recommended that Zambia adopts a Mixed Member Proportional system which combines the First past, the Post and the Proportional system and an increase in number of Members of Parliament from 158 to 200 members excluding the Speaker. As a gender activist and a women’s rights activist, Ms Zaloumis advocated for the Mixed Member proportionate Representation to gunner seats for women.
“The Exercise of reviewing and analyzing the electoral process, assessment of the electoral system in Zambia and making recommendations regarding desirable or necessary modifications to ensure the free and fair democratic conduct of General or Local Government elections, was entirely under my direction,” reads in part her resume.
Because of her diplomatic skills, Ms Zaloumis was between 2000 and 2003 elected by the opposition Parties to Co-Chair inter-party dialogue meetings of political parties. She presided over “heated” meetings between political parties.
Academically, Ms. Zaloumis holds a Degree in Law from the University of Zambia. She also holds a postgraduate Diploma in Social Work from the University of Zambia in legislative Drafting. She also holds a Diploma in Personnel Management from the U.K.
Further, the new Chairperson of the Commission also holds a Certificate in Contract Negotiation and Project Procurement ILI – Washington Certificate in Corporate Governance (Women In The Boardroom) Certificate in Utility Regulation and Strategy- University of Florida Gainesville Florida.
Other Boards she has served on
2010 to date – Board Member Zambia Revenue Authority
2001 to date – Director of Zambia Shanty Compounds Development Organisation
2003 to date – Board Member of the Hostels Board Management
2006 to date – Board Member of Brandline Africa Ltd December
2007 – Spokesperson for National Constitutional Conference to date December
2007 – Board Member of the Zambia Tourism Board to date
December 2007 – Chairperson of Nu-Bridge Financial Services to date
2004 to 2007 – Chairperson of Energy Regulation Board
2003 to 2004 – Board Member of Energy Regulation Board
2003 to 2005 – Chairperson of the Government Electoral Reform Technical Committee
2000 to 2002 – Chairperson of Sopelac Board
1996 to 2009 – Vice President of the African International Humanist Movement – Attended and presented papers on Africa’s political situation in Chile, Italy and United Kingdom.
1995 to 2000 – Board Member of Zambia National Holdings Limited – Member of United Quarries Limited – Member of Common Ownership Development Corporation (CODECO) – Member of Sopelac Fishing Enterprise – Member of Prospects Farms Limited – Member of E.W. Tarry’s Limited
1998 to 1990 – Member of the Advisory Committee of the High-Level Management Development Component of the Zambia Canada Development Programme.
1985 to 1989 – Committee Member on Industrial and Non-Informal Sector Development.
1985 to 1990 – Committee Member on the Sub-Committee of National Commission for Development Planning (NCDP) – Women in Development. 1985 to 1991 – Committee Member, National Energy Council of Zambia


  1. Congratulations ku bo Mwangala as the first female Chairperson for the Electoral Commission Of Zambia. We hope to see more of the implementation which part of the recommendations to government. Of particular is the increase of constituencies and increase on MPs to 200 to cater for mixed representations.

    Additionally, as a District Voter Education Trainer, i personally want see more done on voter education as contained in the Electoral reforms.

    Also want the printing of Ballot papers done in Zambia preferably by the Government printers. If there are issues, the only the Presidential ballot papers can be done outside the country.


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