Lubinda sees nothing but chaos at PF convention

Patriotic Front aspiring presidential candidate and Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has warned that failure to come up with proper and agreed grounds rules for tomorrow’s general conference will render the conference a sham and a subject of dispute.

Lubinda wrote to President Guy Scott saying  due to lack of ground rules, some people are being quarantined in lodges,hotels,private homes, other places, while reports of money exchanging hands to try to woo support for the elections at the general conference are also numerous. Lubinda says this is as a result of lack of leadership of the process and a clear sign of confusion in the management of the electoral process.

He states that as the ruling party, the PF need to demonstrate that they carry more responsibility for this task than any other political party in Zambia, and that failure to uphold simple rules required to enable a level playing field, he doubts the PF should be allowed to even govern.

He  has since appealed to Dr Scott and the party’s electoral commission to spell out clear ground rules,guidelines, which all delegates and candidates and their supporters must adhere to.

He states that these rules and guidelines must provide a level playing field that permits for holding free, fair, transparent and constitutional elections.

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