LGBT clinic was opened in 2017


IN 2017, PF Allowed UTH to open a clinic for LGBTS.

We reported so in 2017. So Emmanuel Mwamba, Brian Hapunda and others running PF page should not try to mislead the public that this is new.



The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) through some donors have established a secret clinic to attend to Gay couples.

Meanwhile, the UTH has run out of third line Anti Retroviral Drugs.

The Gay Clinic has been set up at UTH Centre of Excellence and is being financed by an American organisation called Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

A senior medical doctor confirmed the development to the Zambian Watchdog.

” Yes UTH has a clinic for Gays it caters for all their needs under critical care programme. Mainly it is gay couples who come and it only operates on Saturdays,‚ÄĚthe source said.

A check on Saturday found several gays waiting to be attended to. Most of the gays were youths ranging from early twneties to early thirties.

One or two of the gays seen looked pale and impoverished.

The source however said that UTH is not benefiting from this hefty funding because money is paid in cash every Saturdays to health workers directly .

‚ÄúUTH is not benefiting because money is paid directly to health workers and in cash. Meanwhile, the institution has no third line ARV’s,” the source said.

The source said CDC is working directly with the Director for Centre of Excellency at UTH who is Dr. Royd Mulenga.

Other members of the team are Mr. Siwale who is the gay Clinical Officer, a Ms. Mwamba is the Sister Incharge and Eveness Mundende who is married to Zesco Managing Director Victor Mundende’s brother completes the team as a Nurse.


  1. So you see.
    A human being is just a terrible animal.
    Those things where started with PF and you are blaming us the most beautiful and handsome Political Party ever in Zambia.

    So you know now that it was the Flushing Party!

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