‘KK’s 1964 speech should be publicised’

A retired teacher and political analyst on the Copper belt has called on government to publish the 1964 Independence speech delivered by then President Dr.Kenneth Kaunda.

Mr. Humphrey Ngulube told ZANIS in Ndola that the first Independence speech delivered in 1964 is important because it spelt out vision convictions and values that the founding fathers cherished and were determined to achieve in an independent Zambia.

He said the vision of where the first leaders wanted to take Zambia must have been at he core of the speech and revisiting the speech to remind the nation of the content and intent of independence would rejuvenate the passion and the commitment to the country.

Mr. Ngulube said Dr. Kaunda and his first cabinet must have packaged a well thought out and elaborate vision and roadmap for a prosperous, self governing and independent Zambia.

He said independence celebrations should not lose their initial determination and zeal that the founding fathers started with though many of them have passed on.

Mr. Ngulube cited another speech of great value as the one delivered by the then Northern Rhodesia Governor Sir Roy Welensky, whose contents, he said, should remind Zambians of the right spirit with which power exchanged hands from the minority white settler rulers to indigenous leaders at the time.

He said it was the same spirit of peace and nationhood that compelled the First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to smoothly handover power to Dr. Chiluba in 1991 which should be upheld even in future exchanges of power.

Mr. Ngulube added that Independence celebrations should not be linked to lack of food or jobs in the country because independence was about being patriotic as one people in the management of land issues.

He said Mr. Nelson Mandela of South Africa had to endure the 27 years in prison not because of lack of food and jobs in South Africa as the country was already prosperous in all areas but the issues was land ownership.

Mr. Ngulube added that Zambians ought to be proud of their country and strengthen their national identity as one people united to overcome their national challenges in every field.

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