Kafue DC orders private companies to increase salaries for guards

Kafue District Commissioner Grace Ngulube has given Swiss Guards Security Company a five days ultimatum to pay
its workers all the salary arrears it owes them.

Mrs Ngulube said if the security company does not pay the workers within the given period further action will be taken against it.

She said it was sad that the company was not paying the security guards full salaries despite paying them salaries as little as
K300,000 per month.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Ngulube also directed the company to increase the salaries for its workers in accordance with the new minimum wage
which was recently announced by government.

The District Commissioner stated that the money the company was paying its workers is too little for  them to support their families yet the
company was getting a lot money from its clients.

Mrs Ngulube said government will not tolerate companies that pay workers low salaries when they were earning huge profits out of the
services that those people are providing to the company.

The DC also expressed disappointment with the Assistant Director of the same company, Andrew Banda for  not turning up at her office after
being called upon but instead sent the Operations Manager Pethias Kapala  and Training Manager Nathan Mumba as representatives who
failed to avail the necessary information to her.

She has since directed Mr Banda to avail himself at her office for further discussions regarding the welfare of the workers.

Meanwhile, the District Commissioner had a confrontation with the Director for Raylite Security Company Ltd Godwin Mundengo after she
paid a surprise visit to the company following complaints she received from the workers that they were getting low salaries.

Mrs Ngulube said she was disappointed with the rude response from the Director after being asked how much he was paying his workers.

The DC ordered Mr Mundengo to increase the salaries for his workers whom he was paying between K300, 000 to K350,000 to which Mr Mundengo said government should not squeeze employers but give them time for them to effect the new minimum wage saying companies were also helping government in employing people.

Mr Mundengo later apologised to the DC for not responding well to her after she cautioned him to cooperate instead of arguing with her.

Mrs Ngulube observed that it was not fair that he pays the security guards that little when he was earning huge profits out of their

She said government will not tolerate companies that will not comply with the laid down regulations saying those that will do the opposite
risk their licences being revoked.

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