Kabimba defends re-alignment of ministries

THE Patriotic Front (PF) is in full support of the decision by President Michael Sata to re-organise some Government ministries.

PF general secretary Wynter Kabimba said the creation of a separate Ministry of Tourism and Arts was a direct response to the increasing need for the country to benefit from growing demand for arts and tourism, and the rapidly increasing entrepreneurial activities around these sectors.

Mr Kabimba said the re-alignment of the ministries was also because the PF believed in its ability to adapt its plans, policies and decisions to the ever-changing situations in order to maximise benefits for the Zambian people.

He said the nation was aware that the declining fortunes of the United Party for National Development (UPND) were as a result of the party’s failure to adapt to the changing environment by adopting better strategies and actions in imaging itself with the people.

He said the PF was a visionary party that had foreseen the huge economic benefits that would result from a well-managed and coordinated arts sector and the promotion of indigenous works of art, which should excel internationally.

“Anybody with some elementary knowledge about planning will be aware that a good plan is not static but should be adaptable enough to respond to the changes in the context and environment in which it is set.

“Of course we do not expect the UPND to understand this given their structural failure to adapt as a political party,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said many young and talented citizens who were involved in music, film production, and other visual and performing arts, coupled with an increase in demand for local arts, would greatly benefit from the creation of this ministry.

The youthful citizens, he said, had expressed satisfaction and happiness with the decision as it provided them with a platform to fully realise their potential.

He said the PF was working hard to ensure that Zambians realised their aspirations and that the ruling party would continue to adapt its plans and actions to live up to the ever-changing times.

Last week, Mr Sata separated the portfolio of tourism and arts as a stand-alone ministry from the Foreign Affairs ministry to be headed by Chongwe Member of Parliament, Sylvia Masebo.

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