Kabimba and Mmembe behind Lungu’s fake face book account-Kambwili

Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has accused former Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Post Newspaper proprietor Fred Mmembe of being behind the face book account on Edgar Lungu’s presidential bid.
Kambwili told a press briefing in Lusaka Thursday that the Post Newspaper is also on a campaign to discredit all loyal ministers and portray a picture that there was confusion in the Patriotic Front.
“I suspect the Post is also behind a scam to eliminate all loyal ministers and portray a picture that there is instability in the Party,” Kambwili said.
Kambwili said the Post wants to show people that confusion has continued in the party despite the expulsion of Wynter Kabimba.
Kambwili said he was wondering what Kabimba has promised Fred Mmembe in exchange for the support and pointed out that few people thought that the ‘all mighty’ Wynter Kabimba could be fired from government.
Kambwili said the Post Newspaper was only talking of corruption in government because Wynter Kabimba was fired and bragged that he was not worried of being fired by President Sata should he decide to fire him like Kabimba.

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