Impeachment; Maureen to get job from RB?

maureenPresident Rupiah Banda is allegedly planning to send Maureen Mwanawasa as ambassador to the United State of America (USA).

Highly placed sources have told the Watchdog that late president Mwanawasa’ widow has been trying to get an appointment with president Banda but the latter has been avoiding her.

The first time she followed president Banda was during the World Economic Social Forum in Cape Town. There she failed to meet him.

But when the impeachment plan by the UPND and PF gained ground, president Banda  is said to have been briefed that some MPs that were close to late Mwanawasa may vote with the pact.

And when defense minister George Mpombo resigned, the president understood this to mean that most MPs from central province are not happy with him and may emulate Mr. Mpombo.

Some sources say that Mpombo’ s resigantion was meant to scare president Banda.

The fear was that if these MPs resigned from cabinet, they will retain their seats in parliament and be entitled to vote on the impeachment. It was feared that they will vote against the president.

It was necessary to find the person who ‘controls’ these MPs.

On July 15, 2009 president Banda met Mrs Mwanwasa.

At that meeting, Mrs Mwanawasa is said to have complained of marginalisation and harassment from the MMD government.

She cited comments by MMD spokesperson Ben Tetamshimba and Works & Supply minister Mike Mulongoti.

Mrs Mwanawasa also accused president Banda of sponsoring the intelligence to author articles that analyse the percieved crimes committed during her husband’ s regime.

Mr. Banda, for his part is said to have said ‘baninamizyila‘. (They are accusing me.)

He suggested to Mrs Mwanawasa that he could post her to the USA as amabassador.

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