I also lost money to AIRTEL, Zanaco


Good morning ba Zambia watchdog kindly help me no matter how small the case might be I wrongly sent k3000 from my Airtel money account to a zanaco account which does not exist I called Airtel who advised me to call zanaco if they don’t help I should wait for 72 hours then the money would be reversed automatically.i called zanaco call centre the lady advised me to visit any of their outlet and write a letter for a CALL BACK of my money I rushed thier they checked and only to be told sorry sir these days we can’t do that how do we know whether this is a scam u want to reclaim your money after paying your friend so sorry go back to Airtel they contact us.i did as advised but from Airtel side I was frankly told the money Is with the bank so it’s beyond them and thiers nothing they can do and the lady was quick to cut my conversation like I was just making noise so through this kindly help me if it’s possible I get back my money surely as a customer is this what one would consider a best service in this mordern era.christopher phiri 0978155728 lsk


  1. Airtel use this excuse to abuse people. Go to their headoffice as the call center staff are just rude in these circumstances, even when you ask to a supervisor. They block further attempts to reach them. ZICTA should step in an act but often ZICTA will pretend that they are acting and these companies know that nothing will be done. So one asks. We speak about strengthening institutions to protect consumers. What does that even mean when consumers always bear the brunt.
    As for ZANACO, Madam Mukwandi Chisebakunda; winner of all manner of accolades. Do you even read these complaints? Do your marketing staff follow up. It’s your brand that is negatively impacted. Clearly, monies are sitting in some suspense account and staff steal these monies when exasperated citizens give up. The amount maybe negligible to you or your staff. But that’s a Civil servants salary. Money that was meant to make a different to someone.
    Where is empathy where is humanism where is the fact that you suggest that you serve Airtel and Zanaco; and a person has to go this far to be heard say about why we should have confidence in you or your products?
    Have a heart…

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