How police and forestry officials stole my timber


Today 06/03/2022 midnight marks exactly three (3) years since the PF cadre mascareding and working at the western province Forestry Office in Mongu by the name of Paul Macwani working together with accomplice and PF cadre in Zambia Police uniform a Mr Zulu (former Imwiko Police Post Officer in Charge and recently transfered to Mayukwayukwa Police) illigally confiscated my two (2) truck loads of timber Valued at K200,000 then.
These guys arrived in kataba area (at the loading bay) at around mid night with a land cruiser belonging to forestry department and claimed that they had a instruction from the provincial Permanent Secretary to impound the goods. I produced all documents(production and conveyance licences) but they insisted it was an instruction. After a long heated confrontation, they drove together with truck loaded with 40 pieces of Rosewood timber to Mongu and parked it at Central Police for over two weeks before they illigally sold off everything.
When i followed up the issue with th then Provincial Forestry Officer a Mr Innocent Simasiku, he potrayed ignorance on the matter and told me to ask the person that impounded the Timber and not him.
After realising the amount of preasure i was mounting on them through my Lawyer, they decided to effect an arrest on me but failed to take the matter to court and the issue died a natural death thereafter.
Many people dealing in timber in western province including District Forest Officers have suffered at the hands of this crook.
I know many people have helplessly lost because of the curtail that still exist at the same office and have no where to run to.
Interested parties such as the Drug Enforcement Commission(DEC) and the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) can find the details of this case because it was even on ZNBC Main News on 08/03/2019


Mark Mubaeta Mukenge

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