How PF civil servants are embarrassed Milupi




Did you see how Minister of Infrastructure was embarrassed in parliament this week when he gave wrong information or false information on a certain road, after being challenged by PF Mps in that area. This information is given to him by technocrats in their respective ministries.
The Minister had to go back to parliament and give the correct information.
Even then, the Minister reported that K11m was released to do part of the road. Again he was told that nothing was done on that road.
He then said he will send his regional director, who obviously is a PF cadre, who probably approved and signed off papers that the road was partly done.
This is the problem we have.
UPND government and Ministers are still working with directors and PF partisan civil service who are either working against the government or hiding information or giving false information or leaking information.


  1. Giving false information to parliament should result instant dissmisal for the civil servant involved. This is a standard practice throughout the Commonwealth. Every public servant should know this rule. Ministers cannot be everywhere so the they depend on civil servant to provide them with information. This is what civil servants are there for. The civil servant who provided Hon Milupi information is not clever but unprofessional.

  2. this should save as a lesion to these MPs they should not just relay on the information given to them by there PS they should find time to read, research even find time to visit these areas as there job states (minister of chakuti). this is a sign that our leaders only want to be feed with information and not to be on the ground. so let us stop pointing pointing fingers who gave the MP what not civil servants belong to the government of the day. so as to us political party carder the sooner we realize that our leaders are messing up the the quicker we will know our fate. kulibe at am PF, UPND,UNIP ,MMD or FDD bonse chabe let us not create small gods in our leaders.

  3. shut up if you dont know what you are talking about because there are no PF civil servants. understand that civil servants have been working since 1990 some of them and they have served more than 6 presidents, they dont work for a political party but for the people of zambia and they run the government. even without a minister they work and are productive.

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