HIchilema’s milestones so far


President Hakainde Hichilema achievements since he assumed office on 12th August 2021

1. Balanced Cabinet that represents all Provinces of Zambia.
2. Bringing back Rule of Law (Everyone is equal before the law)
3. Law and Order (stopping political violence during elections etc, No Political cadres in publics spaces such as Markets and Bus stations.
4. Stability in Inflation Rate (From 24% to single digit rate of 9%)
5. Stability in the exchange rates (Kwacha stability against major currencies to a point where kwacha became the best performing currency in the world)
6. Political will to fight corruption and other financial crimes.
7. Introduction of FREE EDUCATION in all public schools from grade 1 to 12.
8. Recruitment of over 30,000 Teachers
9. Recruitment of over 11, 000 Health workers.
10. Recruitments of over 700 Local government workers
11. Recruitments of Zambia Correction Officer (Warder), Zambia Army, ZAF, ZNS soldiers and officers, ZRA, Migration and Wildlife Police Officers. Coming Soon 2000 Zambia Police officers to be recruited
12. Increased allocation of Constituency Development Funds to 25.7 Million Per Constituency.
13. Bursaries for students in the skills development centres across the country.
14. Increased number of students on High Education Bursaries and scholarships
15. Reintroduction of student’s meal allowance for students in all public universities.
16. Payments of retirees
17. Finishing off Projects that were abandoned by PF government (Such as Schools, Roads, Civil servant Houses and Health Posts)
18. Building of New Schools and Healthy Centres across the country
19. Increased Social Cash Transfer to K800 Per Beneficiary
20. Increased Pay Rise for civil servants to about 22.5%
21. 100% for all our men and women in Uniform that go for UN Peace Keeping.
22. Building commercial viable Roads under PPP agreements across the country…
23. Setting up of 20 Million Farms in three African Countries Among them Zambia by the US Government to Improve Food Security.



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