Hichilema forgives insulting pastor

Hichilema forgives insulting pastor


Fellow citizens, we noted the remarks made by Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe of Shalom Ministries on our political future.

We would like to state that we hold no grudge against him and in fact we have forgiven him from the bottom of our heart.

We have no authority on earth to exact revenge. That is the preserve of our God the almighty. We would like to appeal to the Nation to accept the apology from our brother Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe and pray for him.

The country is currently faced with many challenges and we would want to preoccupy ourselves with offering hope and solutions to our people than engaging ourselves in debates of destiny which we have no control over.

We leave matters of our destiny in the hands of the Almighty, God.

May God bless our country.


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