HH: it’s Sata who sent thugs to beat me up

HH: it’s Sata who sent thugs to beat me up

Sata watches KK breakdown before he went to hire fellow thugs

UPND leadeder Hakainde Hichilema has disclosed that it is President Michael Sata who sent thugs to cause violence at the funeral service of Betty Kaunda.

Hichilema who escaped lynching by PF hooligans planted at the Church service for Betty Kaunda told journalists that:

“These are Sata’s hired thugs, he is paying people to come and attack Hakainde. This is unacceptable and the Church should stand and denounce this violent conduct,” Mr. Hichilema said.

“I came here to pay my last respect to my mother, I went to the funeral house yesterday and today we are attacked. What kind of a country is Sata running?”

Meanwhile, Mr. Mumbi warned that the PF should not promote street anarchy because the UPND has the potential to fight back.

“It’s only that am a strong man, they attacked me, over 100 of them. My word to President Sata and Wynter Kabimba is that, if this is how they want to govern this country, let them be our match. We will fight to defend ourselves.”

And Council of Churches of Zambia General Secretary Suzanne Matale who witnessed the violence said the conduct of the PF cadres should be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

Reverend Matale said the Church in Zambia will not sit and watch Zambia degenerate into lawlessness.

She has since challenged President Sata to personally come out and condemn the actions of his cadres.

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