HH has more cows than whole Southern province – Sata

President Michael Sata has repeated his charge that UPND leader Hakainde did not acquire his wealth honestly.

Hichilema is considered to be one of the richest people in Zambia.

But president Michael Sata has been consistent on questioning how Hichilema acquired his billions.

On Friday last week, president Sata said second republican President Frederick Chiluba trusted  Hichilema but “little did Chiluba know the man he was trusting. He trusted him to privatise Luanshya Mine, Lima Bank, Kagem Mine and Intercontinental [Hotel]Livingstone.

Today, HH has the largest farm in Kalomo, he has more animals than the whole Southern Province,” he said.
Sata seems convinced that Hichilema ‘plundered’ the mines in the pretext of privatisation.

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