Govt websites downed as MTN, Airtel suffer losses due to blocking of ZWD, demand billions from govt

In their ill quest to cripple the Zambian watchdog (this website) the Chinese imported substandard technology has ended up blocking even the Zambian government propaganda websites, including ailing dictator president Michael Sata’s State House website.

Meanwhile, mobile service providers have incurred heavy losses after blocking the Watchdog and are now demanding compensation from the PF government.

 The Chinese made simple technology equipment hired at colossal sums of money saved from mealie meal and fuel subsidies has ended blocking statehouse ZNBC , Zamnet and other government ministries websites including Times of Zambia, leaving the targeted website Zambianwatchdog intact and accessible on without any problems.

Internet on most service providers has become very slow especially on Zamtel due to the heavy devices placed at Lamya and Celz House to block websites.

 Sources at State House have told the watchdog that the Zambian government has so far committed Kr30 million (K30 billion) towards blocking critical content in Zambia found on this website.

They will further refund mobile phone companies huge sums of money for loss of revenue as a result of people not buying talking time for internet browsing.

A named mobile telephone company yesterday alone presented a K1.1 billion loss that they want the government to foot.


The watchdog is accessible in Zambia on other proxies such as:

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