Govt praises SDA on moral lessons

A government official has praised the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church for inspiring lives of people with the manner it was contributing towards national development. Central Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Danny Lumbama said in Serenje yesterday that the SDA was teaching acceptable morals to both the young and old citizens in the country. Mr Lumbama was speaking in a speech read on his behalf by Serenje District Commissioner, Stanley Chibwana, at Zone “E” Pathfinder Fair held at Serenje Boma Basic School which was attended by over 300 Pathfinders from five SDA Mission Districts. Mr Lumbama said the church showed how the young people wanted to be involved in the development of many societies in Zambia, adding that the church was committed to understanding young people and training them for leadership and service to humanity. He urged the young people to put more efforts in developmental issues of the country if Zambia was to stand as one big and strong nation. “It actually inspires to learn that there are young people like you in this country who want to take considerable effort in developing this country. The future of our country is entirely in the hands of the young ones like you and, therefore, you need to work extra hard in your youth to see and build a better future for our country,” he said. Mr Lumbama noted that the Pathfinder Club was a church-centered spiritual recreational activity program designed for young people of about 10 to 15 years of age and the program was filled with action, adventure, challenge, group activities and provided opportunities for the development of new attitude and skills for young ones. He said he was happy to note hat the main purpose of the fair was fellowship, an opportunity to see what other youths were doing, a general get together which would increase the sense of belonging to a larger organization which was successful and strong. And Mr Lumbama has said Zambia has been robbed of substantial development by loss of many boys and girls through HIV and AIDS because of being casual in the way they had lived their lives. Mr Lumbama, however, said the church in Zambia, including the SDA, had been tirelessly fighting the spread of the disease and would continue fighting the pandemic with government by teaching real standard morals. “It is in this regard that my government wishes to advocate that you abide by good morals that will keep your lives secure from corrupt morals that will endanger your lives, putting to risk innocent citizens,” he said. Mr Lumbama said the disease had left thousands Zambians homeless and orphaned, resulting into a rise in the number of street kids, widows and widowers, making it difficult for government to see extensive progress in developing nation. He said a lot of funds meant for developmental projects were channeled into making homes for street kids, and appealed to the participants to lead by example as children of God by not indulging in activities that could put them at risk of acquiring the disease. Mr Lumbama told that participants that government had given the youths financial aid for sustenance of their lives through projects that would help them benefit and rise to acceptable standards of life. And Zone Pathfinder president ,Ferdinand Mulubisha, said the church would continue to embark on programs that would help young people grow into useful citizens for the country. Mr Mulubisha urged the youths not to relent but to work hard and ensure they continue improving on the skills they were displaying from their various respective zones. Among the mission districts represented were Serenje, Lukomba, Kapiri Mposhi, New Mkushi and Old Mkushi.

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