GCE a examination malpractice



Dear Editor,
It is my prayer that you publish my letter and let the world know about how some people are frustrating the efforts of government in its quest to normalize all ills inherited from the previous regime.
First, let me say I appreciate the way you bring out all evil vices pertaining to good governance and secondly, please I beg to remain anonymous.But you can always contact me for further details.
I want to expose exam leakages and malpractices that have been the order of the day at Makeni GRZ school.
Every year in,every year out, there have been rampant corruption in exam management at this school and it is like standard officers work hand in hand with the headteacher and some teachers because one wonders how they survive.
A typical scenario at this school during exam is over enrollment of candidates, selling of exam papers and people writing for other candidates and loitering in all directions in search of answers.
It seems there is a very good network and very few candidates fail at this center,as long as you have money.
Last year subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Science and English, some candidates were even sitting on the floor -no seats and each room fully packed to capacity.
(1) Even this year there is over enrollment of candidates.
(2) Informers usually loiter by the gates and when they see a car,they alert the headteacher and everyone involved.
(3) Subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Science and English attract a lot of candidates and those are instances when some candidates sit on the floor.
(4)Exams are starting this week, I challenge all concerned authorities to rush there and see for yourselves.
(5) Let Chilanga DEBS take keen interest in monitoring the situation at this school since he is a new man.He should not delegate his officers because they are spoiled and won’t tell him the truth.
(6)PESO,Mr Chituma and his team must go to this school and audit the enrollment of exam candidates.
(7) Transfer everyone locally at this school and bring in new people.This is the only sure solution to this problem.
(8)DC,MP and ZP should patrol the school during this period of exams and they will be shocked with what they will witness.
(Concerned Chilanga Resident).

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