GBM says something about bloody PF violence

Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says he is deeply displeased with the violence in the PF.

Mr Mwamba released a statement in which he expressed his displeasure of the happenings in the ruling party.

“I have learnt of today’s violence with the deepest sorrow. My prayers goes to families who have lost their loved ones following today’s regrettable intra-party violence. To all those nursing their wounds in our hospitals, I join many Zambians within and outside PF in sharing your pain. I look forward to my returning home and joining fellow citizens in mourning the departed and comforting the wounded,” read the statement.

“Let me say that irrespective of our differences, violence and bloodshed are never effective tools for resolving any conflict. We must take lessons from today’s unfortunate incident in order to avoid today’s bloody experience from repeating itself. As a party in power, we must support the police and work at bringing the perpetrators of this bloodshed to justice, Mr. Mwamba said.

“Lastly, I appeal to all our people, within and outside PF to look at peaceful ways of resolving any differences we may have. Let us all work towards healing the wounds opened up by today’s clashes. Let us commit ourselves that we will never re-open these wounds again. Let us all forge healing and remember that Zambians expect us to deliver. Our unity is the best support we can give President Michael Sata in order for him to deliver development”.

But Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Bridget Attanga refused to give a comment over yesterday’s fracas and referred all queries to party Secretary General Winter Kabimba who could not be reached by press time.

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