Former Chilenga MP marries long time lover


Till death do us apart

He was married. She was but a girlfriend.

After an outing deep in the night, a life was lost.
They faced a murder charge together. She was acquitted. He was convicted and sentenced to death.

He got pardoned..they will get married.

The story of Lusaka lawyer, Keith Mukata and Charmaine Musonda.


  1. True, indeed. If one has nothing to say, one should just keep quiet. Whats wrong with just congratulating this newly married couple, instead of sending us into the dark, with silly innuendos?
    Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Mukata!!!

  2. What a poor story. Wayawayaling about the bush. Telling us half events and nothing. After an outing deep in the night, a life was lost. Whose life what happened where Why? How? You are putting Zambian journalism to great shame!

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