FODEP happy with prolonged NCC

Kunda with Mutale Nalumango

Kunda with Mutale Nalumango

THE Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has supported the Government’s stance not to suspend the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) even in the face of the global economic meltdown.

Vice-President, George Kunda on Wednesday told Parliament that the Government did not have plans to suspend the conference despite proposals from some opposition political parties.

The opposition parties have argued that because of the global economic crisis, the Government should consider suspending the NCC and channel the funds to needy developmental sectors.

FODEP president, Stanley Mhango, however, said it would be wrong to disband the NCC simply because of the global economic crisis.

Mr Mhango said the poor performance of the country’s economy was partially because of the bad Constitution which the NCC was attempting to address.

“Our economic performance is poor as a result of our poor governance record, which is because of an archaic Constitution.

“Those that have been given the responsibility to oversee the Constitution-making process should ensure that it is continued even under such economic difficulties,” Mr Mhango said.

He said it was imperative that the conference did not divert from the recommendations in the Act to complete the sittings within the stipulated time frame.

He said the sitting should be completed within the stipulated time frame.
“What should be done is that the Constitution-making process should expeditiously be completed. The country should go to the next elections under a new Constitution,” Mr Mhango said.

Mr Mhango said Zambians would be happy to go to the next polls under a new Constitution and it was, therefore, important that NCC strictly followed the time frame stipulated in the Act.

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