Finance minister Chikwanda reportedly resigns

Finance minister Chikwanda reportedly resigns

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 19.47.00Reports reaching  Zambian Watchdog indicate that Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda has resigned.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Chikwanda tendered in his resignation this (Wednesday) evening.

Reasons for his resignation are not yet known but there are hints that it could be something to do with differences he had with ailing dictator Michael Sata over Statutory Instrument (SI) number 89 that Chikwanda signed.

Under that SI, Chikwanda suspended 10 per cent export duty on copper ores and concentrates for one year

But Sata blasted Chikwanda in the presence of senile ex-dictator Kenneth Kaunda. Chikwanda is said to have been very upset.

Ailing Sata also reversed the same  Statutory Instrument number 89 leaving Chikwanda looking foolish and incompetent.

By 21 hours local time, Sata had called Chikwanda to State House to persuade him to rescind his decision.

Parallel information indicate that Chikwanda  finds the decision by Sata an insult to his person and an insinuation that he received bribes from mining companies.

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