Faith Musonda arrested again, this time over K17m property


The Anti-Corruption Commission -ACC- has arrested MARGARET CHISELA MUSONDA, who is also known as FAITH MUSONDA, for possession of property worth over 17 million Kwacha which is suspected of being proceeds of crime.

ACC Chief Corporate Affairs Officer TIMOTHY MOONO says in the first count, Ms. MUSONDA has been charged for being in possession of a property in Kingsland City in Lusaka valued at two million Kwacha.

Mr. MOONO says in count two, Musonda was between January 2019 and September 2021, in possession of jewelry valued at 5,500 dollars.

He has further revealed that in the third count, Ms. MUSONDA possessed a Tafe Tractor, a Boom Sprayer, a plough and a Harrow Disc all valued at over 54,000 dollars.

Mr. MOONO says in the remaining five counts, Ms. MUSONDA was found in possession of a farm worth 4.6 six million Kwacha in Chisamba, two government bonds worth three million Kwacha and a Bank of Zambia Treasury Bill worth 1.1 million Kwacha.

He has revealed that Ms. MUSONDA has also been found in possession of 1.1 million Kwacha in her fixed term deposit account at Madison Finance, owned Life Television property in Lusaka worth 3. 6 million Kwacha and motor vehicles among them a Volvo, a Toyota Allion, a Mitsubishi Canter and an Audi all valued at 520,000 Kwacha.

Mr. MOONO says Musonda has been released on bond and is expected to appear in court soon.


  1. Put this woman behind Bars, it is evident that in her short period of working life, she could not have accumulated so much wealth. Confiscate all the properties and build schools and skills development centres for our youths please.

  2. ACC, where are the big fish behind this woman? Why haven’t you probed Jean Kapata, Malanji, Lungu and other PF thieves who have stolen 10-20 times more than what you are finding from this woman. 3/4 of Kingsland is owned by PF thieves mostly through lawyers and relatives. What are you doing about this! . We are getting impatient. Give us results or leave ACC to competent investigatirs or ask for help from others such as Scotland Yard or the South African Hawkes.

    • ACC like any other prosecution body works with evidence and witnesses. The small fish you are talking about are the ones who will lead to the big fish. However, you seem to have the evidence that can have these big fish arrested. Do the nation a favour and take the evidence to ACC so that justice prevails and you will not be “sick and tired” of seeing the “small fish:” in the pond arrested.

      Yesterday it was a “small fish” by the name of Faith Musonda. Today it is a “big fish” by the name Chitalu Chilufya, Tomorrow it will be ……. (fill in the blanks)

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