Easterners in senior positions targeted


Thank you so much Zambian Watchdog for being the eyes and ears for Zambian children…

There is a scheme by the PF government to get rid of all officers originating from Eastern Province from influential positions as they are viewed to be protecting and supporting Rupiah Banda.

On the Copperbelt,many Easterners holding higher positions are living in fear as they are mostly visited by “suspicion looking people” trying to extract information which make them be easily dropped.

Further,the government will make sure to use these Easterners in their dirty work or else,they are out.
Thus it has become much easier to drop any Easterner from any influential position immediately a slight rumour flies around about any misdeeds.

Thus we saw how people like Sebastian Zulu,Dr.Chabwera,Prof.Chirwa,Mr.Lungu,Mary Tembo,Former NAPSA MD Stanley Phiri were easily fired even before any investigations were carried out.
But people like Kabimba, GBM, Kambwili, ZAMTEL MD Mupanga Mwanakatwe are never touched even when it became clear that corrupt practices were involved at a particular time in between 2012 and 2013.

The next are Dr.Solomon Jere and Edgar Lungu to go.That is why these guys will do anything just to please the firing-arms.They will go to the extent of insulting and injuring their own brothers and sisters in Eastern Province just to look hardworking.

Anywhere you are as an Easterner you in danger.So be careful with people you talk to or around.

Certain morons and imbiciles like Chief Mpezeni and Edgar Lungu are being used to stand against their own brothers and sisters.


Please withhold my name

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