DSTV’s repetitions irks clients

DSTV’s repetitions irks clients


Ba DStv, I have a concern! ????

Lately, over 70% of your programming on nearly all your DStv packages (from Access to Compact) have been full of nothing but repeatation ranging from movies to documentaries. Is it that you don’t have other options of entertaining your views apart televising repeats from January to December and again…

Last time you called me I explicitly daggered into your chest cavity and complained over your scheduling of movies, series, documentaries, ie. but was given a response of “DStv has a policy of repeating programs because of those other viewers who in case miss the program and catch it at the later…” Okay, that’s a quite good thing to do but that’s why you introduced Showmax on your DStv products. I guess it was brought to cover for catch-up on missed programs and other programs.

Showmax is an option with catch-up programming, non-advert content and alike. So, those with both bundles and Showmax subscription can follow it up and watch unlike burdening us with poor services.

By-the-way, have you noticed lately that DStv has lost customer-base since the launch of it’s competitors like StarTimes in Africa? With just years from it’s launch it has a wide viewing and they offer a weekly and affordable packages on their packages.

MultiChoice Group Limited CEO/Executive Director Calvo Phedi Mawela claims that DStv has lost over 100,000 subscribers since the introduction of online streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.
“We have lost a significant number of subscriptions in just the last five years. Along with Netflix and Amazon Prime’s entry into Africa in 2016, DStv was already struggling to compete against online content” said MultiChoice.

Now, that ZMK400.00 monthly payment I and other viewers make for a Compact package is enough to switch to other platforms for a lesser bargain like NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, and other online streaming s

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