Corrupt Traffic police decampaigning PF

Corrupt Traffic police decampaigning PF


Dear editor,

The main reason I will vote against PF in 2021 is because of the corruption of traffic police.

Traffic police are the most corrupt government workers and since it seems the PF government has no problem with this but actually encourage it.

It’s really stupid, irritating, discouraging, satanic that driving such a short distance from Lusaka to Kabwe you will meet not less than 6 road blocks. Driving from Lusaka to Mumbwa you meet 6 road blocks with police asking you the same questions and when they find you with any offence, demanding to be bribed. Driving with Lusaka on roads like Kafue road not only will you find speed cameras (I have no problems with cameras) but traffic cops as well asking you same questions , in organised countries, you will never find cops on such highways unless on special cases where they are looking for particular criminals. But in Zambia, police mount road blocks to harass people and receive bribes. Truck drivers even budget how much they should carry to bribe traffic police by counting the number of road blocks they will encounter on each journey. I understand senior police officers are in the forefront of this. They encourage junior officers to get money from motorists then cash to senior officers in the evening. Junior officers who don’t cash to senior officers or cash very little are not deployed on the road again.

The government doesn’t care because government officials are not questioned and not asked for bribes from these numerous, unnecessary but fundraising road blocks.

To us drivers who are on the road everyday, this is how we see PF in these corrupt numerous traffic cops. Today I driving to Kitwe and I know will meet at least 10 road blocks. Is that normal? Is the country at war? What message are we portraying to tourists?

We hope the next government will control the corruption traffic police. These thieves are too much on the roads.

I can not vote for the continuation of this harassment and robbery by police officers on the roads.

The PF can ignore this message; but we are many and we are talking.


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