Church endorses banning of abortion happy NGO

-The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) has commended Northern Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Emmanuel Mwamba for calling for the suspension of Marie Stopes after revelations that the organization allegedly conducted over 500 illegal abortions in Northern and Muchinga Provinces.

EFZ Executive Director, Pukuta Mwanza also expressed displeasure at the development where over 500 abortions were allegedly conducted by the organization without following legal requirements.

Rev. Mwanza said the figure is alarming adding that the church condemns such actions especially that Zambia is Christian nation which should uphold Christians values of right to life.

He said every life is precious and people should do everything possible to preserve it.

Rev. Mwanza said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today following revelations that government had suspended Marie Stopes and America Non-governmental organisation dealing with issues of health, for allegedly conducting abortions on over 500 women in Muchinga and Northern Provinces.

He has since called on the law enforcement agencies to serous investigate the matter and bring all culprits to book.

The EFZ Executive Director noted that if this high number of such cases can be found in areas away from the line of rail, it was an imaginable how rife the practice could be in places like Lusaka, Copperbelt and Southern Provinces with high population.

He has since called on government to also investigate the services the organisation is offering and the circumstances under-which the operations occurred.

He also called for the investigation of women on whom the operation was conducted.

Rev. Mwanza said abortions were not only bad because life is terminated but also because it was putting the women at risk.

He has since advised all Zambians to condemn the killing of innocent babies through abortion.

He argued that Zambia cannot afford to lose such numbers of babies through such acts in over a short period of time.


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