Chungu, OP boss now divert public funds to print Edgar Lungu posters

Chungu, OP boss now divert public funds to print Edgar Lungu posters

Richard is the guy speaking to GBM (Tall in white shirt, black jacket)

Richard is the guy speaking to GBM (tall in white shirt, black jacket)

Former Zambia Security Intelligence Services (ZSIS) Director General Xavier Chungu and his nephew the current Director General, Martin Mwanambale have diverted millions of government monies meant for security operations to print posters for Edgar Lungu, concerned OP officials have disclosed.

Meanwhile, representatives of the international community and human rights groups in Lusaka worry that under Lungu, Zambia will witness a breakdown in law and order. Reports filed from Zambia by agents of the international community cite the deportation of businessmen from Zambia during the time Lungu was minister of Justice as just one pointer of what life would be for foreigners.

On the diversion of funds from government to print PF posters, sources from the Intelligence and Printech, told the Watchdog during the week that an officer only identified as Richard made an order for the printing of Edgar Lungu’s posters using government money on Wednesday. Printeck isthe company that has been contracted to print the posters for Lungu.

“There is so much desperation and panic among senior officers, as we speak to you Government money is being used to print posters for a political party. You know it is easy to use money from the OP because there is no paper trail. But you can expose this to the public so that they can know what is happening,” said the source.

In addition, sources at Printech said Richard, the OP officer made the order for the posters on Wednesday, December 3 in the afternoon.

“He came to make an order for the printing of the posters, he arrived at Printech around 15:00hrs and he was driving a Toyota Corolla ABX 8941, we just also feel this is not fair that a political party to divert huge monies to print posters for a political party candidate,” said the source at Printech which is on Chandwe Musonda road.

The Watchdog is monitoring the activities of Richard (whose house number we have but we will withhold but who resides in Chilenje –Chalala along Kasama road) and other OP officers that have been assigned by Mwanabale to use Government resources to subvert the people’s wishes in the forthcoming elections.

The OP has information that the ruling party is likely to lose the presidential by-election hence have decided to use all sorts of desperate measures.

With ministers, permanent secretaries, heads of parasatals companies all worried about their jobs after January, government money is being diverted to fund the PF to make sure they retain power.

Meanwhile, the international community is worried that Lungu will lead the country to anarchy as he does not respect the rule of law and hates foreigners.

Lungu is credited for deporting most foreigners as home affairs minister than any other person. He engineered the deportation of the Ventriagias of Zambezi Portland Cement, He deported a Somalian National to Tanzania after receiving bribes from of a business rival,; he initiated the deportation of  the owner of Amcor Security leaving hundreds of Zambians without jobs. This was after receiving money from Patel the owner of Armsecure? Arsmseure was formed after partners in Amcor differed.

It was Edgar Lungu who also deported a Catholic priest to Rwanda for just pointing out poverty in Zambia.

When Lungu has information of crime, he uses it to benefit himself.

Lungu convinced Mulenga Sata to withdraw from the PF Presidential race because he knows that Mulenga together with his relative Alexandra Chikwanda the Finance Minister have stolen money for the expansion of the Lusaka International Airport and opened Bank Accounts in Mauritius.

Yes the Export and Import Bank (EXIM) of China Released counter part funding for the US $360 million airport expansion programme. Lungu knows that this is the money Chikwanda will spend on his campaigns but he cannot tell the nation. Where is Joseph Mwelwa of Alsphalt Roads Zambia in all this?

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