Cholera outbreak in Lukanga swamps comfirmed

The diarrhoeal disease which broke-out last week and has since claimed over 14 lives of fishermen in Lukanga Swamps in Kapiri Mposhi district has been confirmed to be cholera.

Kapiri Mposhi District Medical Officer, Charles Mwinuna confirmed to ZANIS today that according to the second-round of tests conducted on the samples obtained from the patients admitted at Waya clinic in the area, the diarrheal disease was confirmed   cholera.

Over 20 patients are admitted to Waya clinic after experiencing severe diarrhoea and vomiting.

Dr Mwinuna said officers from the District Health Management Team have since been dispatched to Lukanga Swamps and were treating people with cholera symptoms.

He also said precautionary measures were being taken to ensure that the disease does not spread to other areas in the district.

Dr Mwinuna said the health personnel dispatched to Lukanga Swamps are also conducting further tests and contact tracing of the origin of patients admitted to the clinic and were sensitizing the community on hygiene and providing chlorine to households to reduce the chances of spreading the diarrheal disease.

Fourteen people have so far died of the disease which was earlier mistaken to be severe diarrhoea.

The diarrhoea and vomiting disease broke out at Kaswende, Waya, Kabosha and Ngwenya fishing camps on Lukanga Swamps.

The bodies of the deceased are being buried at a cholera designated graveyard in the area

Meanwhile, a traditional leader has appealed to the Ministry of Health to open-up cholera Centres in all fishing camps to treat patients and reduce chances of further spreading the diarrheal disease.

Headwoman Agnes Chimbuleni noted that the disease has claimed many lives in the area because of the distances patients had to cover to Waya clinic from the fishing camps for treatment.


Waya clinic is the only health centre in Lukanga Swamps and is situated over 20 Km from the nearest fishing camp.

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