Chitimukulu invites KK, FJT to ceremony

Preparations for Ukusefya pang’wena traditional ceremony of the Bemba peaople set for this Saturday, September 19, 2009, have reached an advanced stage.

And paramount chief Chitimukulu says he expects the event to be more organized and successful this year than ever before.

The paramount Chief said he, together with the organizing committee, thought it wise to invite the two former republican presidents, Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Dr Fredrick Chiluba, to UKusefya pang’wena annual celebrations.

The chief said their coming would add value to the event as it had taken long since they last attended the ceremony.

A check by ZANIS at the main arena found the works progressing well.

Preparatory Committee spokesperson, Wilbroad Chanda, told ZANIS in an interview that he was optimistic that all the remaining minor works would be finalized before Friday in readiness for the event.

Mr Chanda expressed happiness at the overwhelming commitment shown by the joint committee members of Mungwi and Kasama districts.

He added that from the onset, the membership has shown serious commitment in  organizing the event.

Mr Chanda hoped that the event would be joyous and spirit-thrilling for most people expected to attend the ceremony.

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