Chipangali residents take Council to court over corruption

Chipangali residents take Council to court over corruption

A group of concerned Chipangali residents have applied for a court order restraining the delivery of the seemingly defective second hand boreholes drilling rig to Chipangali district until the preliminary issues raised in the chipata high court law suit are determined.

The Chipangali residents have contended that the delivery of the defective drilling rig to the people of Chipangali district would be so injurious because the machine is second hand, its defective and worn out and will cost Chipangali town council huge sums of money in repairs once accepted to start operations in Chipangali.

Residents are demanding full disclosure of procurement information which have been kept in secrecy since 2009.

The procurement of the drilling rig does not conform to the standards of the Public Procurement Act 2008 which act, insist on ensuring that there is value for money in the supply chain and procurement of public goods and services.

Residents are also demanding the release of a full certified documents and other technical reports from Chipata city council Engineers who had travelled to India, to give technical specifications to the supplier to confirm and ascertain that the drilling rig they saw in India is the one the supplier delivered to Chipata City Council.

We pray that the Court will grant us the order of restrain to stop Chipangali council or any of is agents from receiving the suspicious drilling rig until matters surrounding it’s procurement and its price are resolved.

We have also written to the Anti Commission demanding for any update to the public on the investigation of the drilling rig which they started in far back in 2012 up to now in spite numerous complaints that have been lodged

We pray that said drilling rig is taken to the Anti Commission for safe custody until the issue is determined by the Chipata high court.

We reasonably suspect that there was under hand methods during biding and supplier Assessment. One minister is suspected to be the owner of this supplying company hence inflating the rig prices up to K4 million

Issued by

Maxson Nkhoma

On behalf of the people of Chipangali namely,

Samuel P. Lugomo Sisinje Ward
Nkhoma Tizifa Nthope Ward
William Banda- Rukuzye Ward
David Kapwata -Sisinje Ward

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