Chiluba’s judgment might be delayed

Dr. chiluba in court

Dr. chiluba in court

The state has agreed to allow Former president Fredrick Chiluba file in his written submissions after the court rejected them two weeks ago.

Attorney-general Mumba Malila has agreed with Dr. Chiluba’s lawyer Robert Simeza that the submissions can be filed and considered in view of the ruling set for July 20.
This may mean that the judgment set for July 22 will be delayed as the magistrate has to take into consideration the bulk submissions by Dr. Chiluba.

On June 22, the magistrate’s court handling the case of alleged theft involving former president Frederick Chiluba and two others ruled that it will proceed with judgment even without his written defence submissions.
According to Dr. Chiluba’ spokesperson, last Friday Judge Tamula Kakusa advised the parties to work out a consent judgment on the matter.

When the matter came out today, the judge did not turn up so the Attorney general advised that they go by the judge’s directive last Friday for a consent judgment.

The case, whose judgment is set for July 20 this year, came up on June 22 for mention but Chiluba’s lawyers told Ndola High Court deputy registrar Jones Chinyama, sitting as a magistrate, that the court interpreter had returned Chiluba’s submissions.

This is in a case in which the former president is jointly charged with former Access Financial Services (AFS) directors Aaron Chungu and Faustin Kabwe with theft of public resources.

At the last sitting, Mr Chinyama observed that Chiluba’s lawyers had delayed in submitting the written submissions and warned that he would proceed with judgment.

However, Chiluba’s lawyers managed to tender in written submissions late but the court rejected them.

“At this late stage accused number one’s written submission cannot be allowed in court and I will proceed with judgment on July 20,” Mr Chinyama said.

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