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Graduates remind Presidency of campaign promises

BURSARY LOAN REPAYMENTS!!BALLY TWALAFWA Good Morning Watchdog, I would like to appeal to Government through your platform on the current BC Loan Repayments by former CBU...

COVID certificate scum exposed

Hon Sylvia Masebo , Covid cases in Zambia were first recorded in 2020. Since then, we have been required to obtain a Covid Travel...

PF leaders flee from their own thugs

How PF bigwigs, led by party vice president Given Lubinda scampered from their own thugs last week. Lubinda hid under a car. Now the SG??

Hundred days into HH’s leadership

By Alexander Nkosi Dear President Hakainde Hichilema, Greetings my President. 100 days is a short period of time, it is only enough to get a better...

The rot at Chipata Clinic

Dear Watch Dog, kindly bring this to the attention of the public and most importantly the Ministry of health it's self. I used to...