Bemba elders defy Sata, begin installation of ‘dethroned’ Sosala as Chitimumulu

Bemba elders defy Sata, begin installation of ‘dethroned’ Sosala as Chitimumulu

bembaIn what will be a clear showdown with ailing dictator Micheal Sata’s wishes, the Bemba traditionalists will commence installation rituals for Henry Chanda Sosala as the new Chitimukulu of the Bemba people of Northern province.

Sources close to the Zambian Watchdog have disclosed that the same Chief Mwamba (Henry Chanda Sosala) who Sata dethroned a few months ago will actually be the new Chitimukulu and his installation rights beginning today is clear deviance.

Mr. Sata, a Bisa from Mpika, had wanted to install one of his tribesman as the new Chitimukulu against the well guarded Bemba tradition and rise to the throne.
During his recent bulling of Chief Jumbe when opening of the House of Chiefs, Sata made reference to the dethroning of Chief Mwamba when he said Jumbe would also be dethroned if he continued to critise PF cadres Mpenzeni and Nkomeshya for openly campaigning for PF during political rallies, which is against the constitution as noted by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

President Sata degazetted and removed recognition of Chief Mwamba last month alleging that he was improperly installed.

“As chiefs we would like to confirm that all is set for with the installation of our Paramount Chitimukulu. We have finished putting to rest our late Paramount Chief Chitimukulu who died last year this coming month (July) and we are through with the burial ceremony, the Bashilubemba straight from Ku Mwalule have proceeded to give the instruments of power from the late Chitimukulu to our Senior Chief Mwamba.

“At this particular ceremony starting tomorrow, no spectators would be allowed because this is a tradition that should be followed and we are not deterred by any forces because this is the right thing to do. Senior Chief Mwamba is our next Chitimukulu. Full stop,” the chiefs said.

They further said that an open installation ceremony would then be held for members of public to witness including government officials.

The chiefs said that they were not bothered by the impending meeting with President Michael Sata because they had no issues to discuss with him.

The chiefs said that they were not worried about issues that were raised by President Sata when he degazetted Senior Chief Mwamba because he had no basis to do so.

They resolved that Mr Henry Sosala the current Senior Chief Mwamba to become the new Chitimukulu, in defiance of President Sata’s decision to degazette him.

The chiefs said the task would be performed by the Bashilubemba after coming from Ku Mwalule (burial site for late chiefs) and would immediately hand over the instruments of power to Senior Chief Mwamba to symbolize the takeover.

They explained that they were ready for the ceremony because Senior Chief Mwamba was capable of leading the Bemba clan.

They said since the meeting with area Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba there had never been any word from both the MP and the President for the proposed meeting.

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