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As you probably already know, scams on the internet are quite commonplace. Cybercrime around spam, account hacking etc. It is increasingly difficult to protect oneself from the harmful inventiveness of scammers. Unfortunately, the world of non GamStop casinos is not immune to this trend of scams either.

To protect your computer and all the information it contains, it is best to implement a few tips. Thus, the use of a VPN could well be a useful ally when it comes to security.

What Is a VPN?

You must certainly suspect it, but VPN is an acronym which means “Virtual Private Network”. Simply put, it’s a private and secure internet connection. Operating through a system of interconnection of local networks, the system will in fact create what are called tunnels, thus making it possible to encrypt your data.

The VPN will therefore make it possible to make all your personal information private. It also allows you to connect to public Wi-Fi networks without ever risking getting hacked! Because yes, and you should know this, thanks to the VPN, third parties wishing to connect to your network must state their identity. Not everyone accepts that that allows you to be on your computer safely.

How Do I Get & Use a VPN?

Today there are many companies offering VPNs, to surf the Internet anonymously. Therefore, getting a VPN is not a very complicated thing. First of all, you will have to make a comparison of the offers which are often very similar in just a few things. Once you have chosen the services you need (network, VPN duration etc.) you will need to register there.

Next, you need to download your chosen VPN to your computer. Once the application is installed on your computer, launch it. Following these first steps, your computer is equipped with a VPN. However, this is not enough to activate it, here are the last steps that will allow you to use your VPN:

  • Select the server you want to connect to. Normally, you will have dozens of different locations around the world to choose from – handy for exploring Netflix from other countries!
  • The VPN will then function in such a way that a new IP address among those contained in your provider’s database will be assigned to you at random.
  • You can then start using the internet again, but this time in complete safety!

In short, the advantages of a VPN are still numerous and in comparison with a super fast method of use it may be worth getting one.

Why Use a VPN at an Online Casino?

As you will have understood, the VPN offers many advantages, so it is a good idea in itself to install one. But let’s go back to the initial subject of online casinos and see what advantages casino players will have if they decide to use such a system:

  • Some online casinos deny access to players from countries where online casinos are illegal. Thanks to your VPN, you can change the location of your computer and access all offers without restriction.
  • Unfortunately, online casino sites are not always very reliable. Connecting to it via your local network may not be very smart. By using a VPN to visit an online gaming platform, you ensure your security.
  • In addition, your personal information is encrypted. So, even if hackers are on the casino sites, they will not be able to collect any information.
  • No need to be afraid when entering your bank details on the casino site. Again, you cannot be hacked and your information cannot be recovered.
  • You will not be able to be spied on by surveillance software that is common in online casinos that scam you.

The VPN, in addition to helping you fight common online casino scams, secures your entire internet experience. It might be time to invest in order to have a good time of entertainment at your favorite online casino.

How to Safely Access Non GamStop Casinos Using a VPN?

Whether you’ve registered with GamStop or if you want to access one of the casinos that are not available in your area, a VPN will be the perfect choice for you. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will be able to enjoy your favorite games in no time:

  • Choose a VPN service provider (we recommend NordVPN as you will get a 68% discount).
  • Download the application through the official website or through the application store of your device.
  • Choose a trustworthy non GamStop casino.
  • Subscribe to the site and make your first deposit to receive your welcome bonus.
  • You can now have fun!

Best VPNs to Play in Non GamStop Casinos

In the next part, we have collected for you the most prominent VPNs that you can use to gamble safely and freely on the Internet. We have ranked these apps according to their level of security, their speed, ease of use and also their price. If you are confused, you can take advantage of the free trial period that each application offers you, which ranges from several days to a week. It is worth noting that all the applications mentioned below are available on both smartphones and PCs as well.


This app offers extremely fast speeds, is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as supports torrent and has a no-logs policy. Moreover, you will find plenty of payment options available here from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. The app offers a 7-day trial period but you will have to select a payment method, and upon expiry of the trial period you will be charged directly if you do not cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. On the downside, this app doesn’t offer a free desktop version, and the app also asks for email when you sign up.


Surfshark is an inexpensive gambling solution especially when choosing an annual subscription. This app offers very fast speeds and is independently audited which gives users more security. Moreover, this application supports a no-logs policy.


IPVanish offers very fast speeds and protects against DNS leaks. Furthermore, the app supports Netflix, which is one of the few VPN apps that supports 24/7 live chat.


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