Auditor General smells corruption in UNWTO contracts

Auditor General Anna Chifungula has revealed that some contracts awarded for various contractors and suppliers in the run up to this month’s UNWTO general assembly have been dubious.

Ms. Chifungula said some of the contractors were awarded without following the laid down procurement regulations.

She observed that her office has information that the dubious nature of the contracts awarded has ended up costing the nation huge amounts in public funds.

“Sometimes it’s just outright abuse of public funds. You find some officer simply disregards what is laid out and chooses to do something else, the motivation in those cases is a kick back,” Ms Chifungula said.

She said a comprehensive audit of all contracts will reveal the exact amounts that could have been saved had procurement procedure been followed.

Ms. Chifungula said the disregard of procurement regulation is now widespread in public procurement in Zambia.

“It’s now a cancer we have to fight because we are losing colossal amounts of money as a nation and this money unfortunately goes into a few people’s pockets,” she said.

Zambia and Zimbabwe will co-host the UNWTO general assembly that kickoff later this month in Livingstone and Victoria Falls town.

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