As expected, Sata changes statement, now says there is no opposition in Zambia

As expected, Sata changes statement, now says there is no opposition in Zambia

Barely 24 hours after complaining that the opposition was ‘pounding him left right and centre,’ ailing dictator Michael Sata has changed his statement to ‘there is no opposition in Zambia.’

Sata also amended his attack on his ministers that they are not defending him from the opposition ‘pounding.’

Now he says PF Members of Parliament and Ministers are relaxed and are not telling the Zambian people the successes the PF has scored during its two years in power. The 76-year old ailing dictator was speaking Tuesday morning at State House when he sworn-in Mwansa Kapeya and Harry Kalaba as Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Lands Minister respectively.

In agreement with political observers that Sata was probably useful as an opposition leader due to his amazing ability to make unnecessary noise and that as president he lacks basic skills required to run a country, Sata remembered his days as opposition leader.

He claimed that if the opposition in the country was as strong as the PF was during the MMD’s rule, PF MPs would have been more responsive and proactive in explaining to the people what the government has achieved so far in improving the welfare of the nation.

Yesterday, the Watchdog observed that Kapeya, the former ifyabukaya presenter and Kalaba were working as ministers before being sworn in and therefore illegally.

The Watchdog wrote the article below:

Promoted Ministers Kapeya and Kalaba start operating without oath

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Information and Broadcasting Services Minister who is also Chief Government Spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya and Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Harry Kalaba are operating illegally the Zambian Watchdog has observed.

The Zambian Watchdog’s observations comes so because the duo have started functioning as full Cabinet Ministers minus taking oath of authority of office. Mwansa Kapeya in the last one week has issued three press statements as Chief Government Spokesperson while Harry Kalaba yesterday represented ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott at a function as Minister of Lands.

For haters of the watchdog we say the two are operating illegally because precedence has been set that if one is promoted to another position even after taking oath in the previous position he or she has to take another oath.

For those who have forgotten, Secretary to the Treasury and President Sata’s brother in marriage Fredson Yamba took another oath at State House when he was promoted from Permanent Secretary Finance to Secretary to the Treasury.

This was after Parliament questioned about the legality of Yamba operating quietly as Secretary to the Treasury.

Sata had to swear in Yamba for the second time thus a precedence was set. In a normal country were Parliament is active unlike in Zambia were Parliament is moribund, the development could have been cited as a serious breach of law.

Knowing our Members of Parliament who are so in-effective apart from one or two, the observation by the Zambian Watchdog will go unchallenged. It is really Zambia the Real Africa.



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