Arcaded Puma service has no manners


Arcades Puma Filling

On Friday 22nd April 2022, at around 17:15, I went to get fuel from Puma filling station located at Arcades. I got about 12 Liters Petrol and, on my way, out after joining great east road heading towards Manda Hill, I noticed that the car started misfiring and losing power. Because I couldn’t turn around right there, I thought of driving to Manda Hill then turn back but by the time I was turning back the vehicle stabilized and drove normally.
I therefore thought of continuing my journey home as I couldn’t make the show any physical performance of the vehicle to the staff at the station. Got home safe and I didn’t use the vehicle on Saturday and Sunday as I was reserving fuel for the coming week. So, on Monday, started off from home and noticed the same experience I had on Friday just after exiting the filling station reoccur, it continued all the way to the office.
I then decided to notify the filling station management of my experience, and this is what shocked me and caused me to write and share this with everyone who cares for there cars. I met the station manager a lady who after narrating my ordeal went on to ask me “how would you like us to help you”. In shock, I pleaded with her to get samples from the vehicle, but she was just there saying you are the only one that complained so why should we do anything about this. Just go and put it in writing and I will send it to HQ. I was disappointed to say the least at the attitude of the manager and the customer service exhibited. Funny enough a colleague of mine had a similar experience with the same filing station and warned me to stay away from them.
Its not as if I can’t fix my car, but I think It should be in the best interest of every filing station to take seriously such issues and provide support to motorists to save there reputation. Right now, I have just taken my car to the garage to have the whole fuel system cleaned. Please motorists refuel at PUMA Arcades at your own risk, this kind of attitude in complaint handling is pathetic and should not be tolerated especially that fixing these vehicles is pricy, even a little empathy goes a long way but being asked what I expected them to do since I got fuel that was bad is really a shame.

I hope they get this and improve otherwise for me; I will never go back, and I will ensure anyone I know stays away from there by all means.

Unhappy customer…..


  1. Ba ZW some complaints shoud be private between the complainant and the accused. This doesnt deserve publication

  2. But what is your problem? You dont state it here. What are you accusing the lady of? And whatever your problem is why wait until two days later to lay a complaint?

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